March 2020: From TBS President Josh Weissman

By the time everyone reads this, we have hopefully thawed from whatever Arctic freeze we may have experienced, ready for Spring. Purim and Passover provide us with opportunities to all come together and celebrate as one community. These are two Holidays that are built around celebrating together as a people.

  February 2020: From TBS President Josh Weissman

As we head through February, we will begin our annual process to fill open Board and Trustee positions by asking congregants to serve on the Nominating Committee. Once formed for this year, the members of the Nominating Committee will be reaching out to solicit people for these openings. Having said that, there are many who are still able to find a little extra time to allot for an additional worthy activity.

  January 2020: From TBS President Josh Weissman

No Religion is an Island is a responsive reading, adapted from a work by Abraham Joshua Heschel, which the Rabbi periodically includes in a Friday night service. In the last year and a half, it seems to me that he has deemed its reading to not only be relevant, but poignant as well, with increasing frequency. Rabbi Scolnic has stated in countless sermons that he does not believe in coincidences. His invoking and reading of this poem is never coincidental. Like every sermon he delivers, he uses this reading to send an important message and commentary on the political and social landscape.

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