October 2020: From TBS President Joan Levine (Rev)

Gut Yontif

Harry S. Truman was President, at the 500 Club in Atlantic City, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis took the stage at their first show as a comedy team, gasoline was 21 cents a gallon and Frank Sinatra, Kay Kaiser and Perry Como were at the top of the song charts of the day. The year was 1946.

    September 2020: From TBS President Joan Levine

L’Shanah tovah

     The past four months have been unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes. New processes are in place to keep us safe and new words have crept into our language. Before COVID-19, no one spoke of “social distancing”. Happy Birthday was sung at parties instead of while washing hands. Zoom was a noise a jet made, not a platform for socially connecting. The changes have been profound and no more so than at Temple Beth Sholom.

    July-August 2020: From TBS President Joan Levine

Installation Address

Rabbi, Josh, Hinda, fellow Board members and congregants,

I want to thank Hinda for this beautiful Installation. I know she worked very hard on it. We go back a long way as Sisterhood Co-Presidents. I know how hard she works!

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