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Israel, Turkey Announce Reconciliation Deal

Israel and Turkey announced a reconciliation deal that both sides claim will normalize relations that were ruptured more than six years ago when Israeli commandos seized a Gaza-bound Turkish ship, killing nine Turkish activists in the ensuing melee. The accord should put to rest years of hostility that began with Israel’s December 2008 Cast Lead incursion into Gaza and culminated in the May 2010 raid on the Mavi Mar-mara, part of a flotilla that aimed to bust Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip.

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Netanyahu: US, Not Moscow, Is the Cornerstone of Israeli Foreign Relations

The U.S. remains Israel’s chief ally and can-not be replaced by Russia, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said recently before flying home after a two-day visit to Moscow. “It is not desirable or practical to replace the United States [with Russia]. The US is the cornerstone of our foreign relations,” Netanyahu told reporters. He had visited Moscow for the third time this year, and held his fourth face-to-face meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

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