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Israel and Sweden At Odds Over “Blood Libel” Accusation of IDF Organ Thefts

Israel has urged the Swedish government to condemn an article recently published in a Swedish newspaper that accused the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of harvesting organs from Palestinians wounded or killed by soldiers.

Israelis Quietly Question U.S. Resolve Against Iran

Israel is encouraged by U.S. vows to curb Iran's nuclear program, but still questions whether the Obama administration is willing to make good on the pledge “no matter what,” an Israeli official said recently. The timeline and tenor of Washington's bid to talk Tehran into abandoning atomic projects with bomb-making potential have stirred concern in Israel, which backs the diplomacy but has also hinted at a last-resort, pre-emptive strikes against its foe.

Netanyahu Endorses “Two-State” Solution

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu uttered the words “Palestinian state” in a mid-June speech that mixed tough Zionist statements with talk of peace and conciliation. “I turn to you, our Palestinian neighbors,” he said, “let us start negotiations for peace immediately.

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