I just received a request from Charlene Rigsbee, our social worker at the Department of Children and Families.  She has four children in her current case load for whom she would like to provide some holiday gifts.  The children are a fifteen-year old boy, a thirteen-year old boy, a thirteen-year old girl, and a ten-year old girl.  Charlene suggests that mp3 players and gift cards to Walmart or somewhere else where teenagers can shop for themselves would make these kids very happy.

Three of the children are siblings in a family with an out-of-work mom.  Two of the children have either mental health problems or developmental delays.  We could make life a lot easier for this mother if we could provide her with a washing machine (new or used) so that she could deal with the daily laundry created by one of these kids.

I know times are difficult, but if you can help, you would be making lives a bit brighter for kids and families who know harder times than we do.  Please contact me if you can pitch in on short notice.

Many thanks,

Diane Kaplan
248-8319 (evenings and weekends)
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