TBS successfully functions through the participation of members in committees.

Achievements of the committees are a source of group pride and personal enrichment.

To join a committee, find the Chair's name, phone and email in the Members Only/Board Directory.


This committee solicits advertising for TBS publications, including the Bulletin, the Temple Tablet and the Website.

Adult Education
This committee is responsible for providing the congregation's adult members with educational programs that enhance their appreciation of, and knowledge of their Jewish identity.

Board of Education
The Board of Education has charge of the School System, consisting of the Religious School and the Nursery School.
The School System of the Congregation is under the supervision of the Rabbi, the Religious School Education Director, the Nursery School Education Director, and the School Treasurer. This Committee has final approval of all personnel contracts, subject to Board of Directors approval. This Committee has final approval of curricula and all rules and regulations for the conduct thereof. Any expenditure of the Board of Education that may exceed and/or is not a specific line item of the approved budget shall be subject to the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

This committee publishes and distributes a monthly paper periodical and an electronic version on the website.

This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the content of the TBS master calendar located on the website.

This Committee has charge of the cemeteries and the care and maintenance thereof, the sale of plots, and interment matters and maintains permanent records thereof. It prepares and publish rules and regulations, including fees and charges, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors

Cemetery Long Range Planning

College Liaison
The College Liaison Committee sends packages to our college students several times a year. Depending on the number of students, we usually send them three to four times a year. It is a way of keeping in touch with them. 

The Communications committee is responsible for “getting the word out” about temple programs and events to the Congregation and the community at large. Committee members create, edit, publish and distribute information by means of a monthly Bulletin mailed to the membership; website; “The Temple Tablet” - a weekly electronic newsletter; press releases and other modes of contact.

This Committee reviews, recommends and drafts changes in the Constitution and By-Laws of Temple Beth Sholom. 

Designated Funds
The Designated Funds Committee reviews and organizes the management and the distribution of the various TBS designated funds...(not to be confused with the endowment funds)

The Endowment Committee is responsible for managing the funds donated to all the endowments at TBS. The committee, with the help of outside financial experts, invests the funds, keeps track of growth and income and disburses funds to the TBS operating budget in accordance with established rules. The committee typically meets four times per year.

Finance & Budget
This Committee consists of the Treasurer as chair, the Financial Secretary, the School Treasurer, the Ways & Means
Vice President and three appointed members of the Congregation. It carries out the following functions:

(1) Prepares the annual budget of the Congregation and submits the same to the Board of Directors for approval,
(2) Quarterly review the finances of the Congregation within the framework of the budget,
(3) Annually review and maintenance of the insurance coverage for the Congregation, and publishes, maintains, and annually reviews standard operating procedures for all income and expenditures.

Food & Supplies
The Food and Services committee is responsible for assuring that there are ample paper goods and other consumables for daily, committee and member use. The committee is also responsible for all Oneg Shabbats and Kiddushim for Shabbat and holidays and for coordinating and advising members who want or have to sponsor these events.

Gift Cards

The committee operates the gift card fundraiser project. Supermarket gift cards are purchased at a discount and then are resold at face value.

The purpose of the Grants Committee is to identify specific needs of the TBS community that are currently beyond its financial resources, but that may be filled by an infusion of external funds. The committee searches for entities that compliment the identified need and endeavors to obtain their financial support.

High Holiday Campaign

The House Committee is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the facilities and grounds. This includes managing the custodial staff, coordinating community work projects, and supervising various contractors to perform repairs and upgrades to the Temple. The Committee decides how to spend the annual budget, proposes capital projects to the Board of Directors, and makes decisions related to the finishes and appearance of the building. In order to pursue this mission, the Committee works closely with the Nursery School, Hebrew School, and the Ritual Committee to ensure that everyone has the facilities necessary to carry out their programs.

Israel Affairs
To identify and develop a core group of congregants who are deeply and passionately connected to the land of Israel and to raise awareness among the members of Temple Beth Sholom about matters relating to Israel.

Kiddush Klub

The Kitchen Committee is a sub-committee of the Food and Services committee. It is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the kitchen and can advise members on how to use the kitchen and keep it kosher.


This Committee is responsible for the operation of the library.

Long Range Planning

Membership & Retention
The membership committee at TBS is committed to attracting prospective members to our community in addition to retaining our current membership base. We host programs during the year for the enjoyment of  prospective, new and current members. The membership committee is responsible for the sale and distribution of additional High Holiday tickets at our members request.


The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying nominees for all vacant offices, Board of Director positions and Trustee positions. 

This committee overseas office functions and publishes, maintains and performs an annual review of standard operating procedures for all office functions.


The Publicity Committee endeavors to keep TBS in the public eye. It issues news releases to the Jewish Community, the Jewish press and the secular press. It posts events on Jewish online calendars. When appropriate, it also submits news releases to radio and television.

Rabbi's Liaison

This Committee shall enforce all religious laws and customs in the Congregation and shall consider and recommend to the Board of Directors any
changes in ritual; it may engage the choir and supervise its activities; it shall have charge of ushering at all services. The Rabbi, by virtue of his/her election as spiritual leader of the Congregation, is the authority on all matters of Jewish law and practice and its interpretation and shall so advise this committee.


Shalom Committee

Social Action

Temple Beth Sholom's social action programs are focused on the needs of the hungry and of children in our community.

Temple Tablet
This committee publishes a weekly newsletter emailed to the membership.

Tree of Life

Youth Activities
The Youth Activities Committee oversees USY and Kadima.  Kadima is the youth group for 6th to 8th grader members,  USY are 9th to 12th grade youth. All are involved in religious and social activities.

Ways and Means

This committee is responsible for the content and maintenance of the TBS website.