February 2019: From TBS President Josh Weissman

As we head through February, we will begin our annual process to fill open Board and Trustee positions by asking congregants to serve on the Nominating Committee. Once formed for this year, the members of the Nominating Committee will be reaching out to solicit people for these openings.

As I stated in my High Holiday address, time is one of our most valuable resources, and none of us has enough of it. With all of our commitments to work and family, to say nothing of all of the other people and activities that place heavy demands on our time, people feel they do not have a minute to themselves. Having said that, there are many who are still able to find a little extra time to allot for an additional worthy activity. Giving back to our synagogue is not just a mitzvah, but also an endeavor worthy of our time. In the coming weeks, when the call comes asking you to serve, whether on the Nominating Committee, or as a member of the Board, I hope you will accept. If being part of the synagogue’s lay leadership isn’t for you at this time, please consider giving back by joining a committee or being part of the team that helps plan an activity at TBS.

Josh Weissman

TBS President