March 2017: From TBS President Brian Lakin

Spring is here, and with it comes a full calendar at TBS. B’nai Mitzvah season is upon us, along with Pesach, Jazz Night and a flurry of events and activities throughout the many arms of the synagogue. As I do in many of my segments, I encourage every one of you to get involved.

Whether it is to attend our annual Second Seder with the Rabbi and many of your friends and neighbors, or to have a night out on the town at our jazz club, there is something going on all the time at our synagogue. We have movie night at Best Video, which is free to synagogue members and includes a great selection of films. We have an upcoming discussion with Dr. Itzhak Brook from the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. who will speak about his experiences during the fighting in the Six-Day War. Our Social Action Committee participates in many regular programs and fundraisers that benefit the larger New Haven community. Social Action, Adult Education and many of our other synagogue groups are always eager for new participants and helpers for their programs. If you are looking for a way to meet some new friends, help those around you, learn something new, or a combination of these then please contact someone from one of these committees. They will be happy to get you involved.