November 2016: From TBS President Brian Lakin

Here we are. Thanksgiving is now over and my children are eagerly awaiting the most important of winter holidays, school vacation…oh, and Hanukkah. The weather is colder, the sun sets very early and we are regularly inundated with music, decorations and sales related to that other winter holiday that happens in December.

As has been my theme throughout these articles so far, I would like to use this space to talk about volunteering. On Kol Nidre I was honored to present the President’s Award to a very deserving member of our community. The idea that a President is able to give only one of these awards each year is what makes it so special and such an honor to those who have received it. What it does not do, however, is allow me to honor and thank all of the other wonderful people who donate their time and energy to our synagogue. So that I don’t inadvertently forget someone, I will not name any specific people. What I will do though is remind you that our synagogue runs on a minimal paid staff. Our synagogue hosts meetings, classes and other programs regularly; there is an activity in the building almost every night of the week. Our volunteers schedule, plan, advertise, shop, cook, setup, cleanup and run the programs that are for all to enjoy. To the people who help with these programs go my appreciation and thanks. Without their endless supply of energy and ideas our synagogue would not be the thriving place that it is.

Happy Hanukkah!

Brian Lakin

TBS President