March 2016: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

Ah yes spring is here. Although this past winter was a relatively easy season, it is good to put it behind us and to look forward to spring and a new beginning. The grass is growing and turning green (with a little help from seeds and such). Trees and flowers are in bloom (sorry for your allergies).

We had Purim to get the season going and now we must get ready for Pesach. At my home the first night is the favorite of all holidays. Our family gathers under my roof and for one day we are all together for a Simcha. There is a lot of work getting ready for this night. Furniture to move into the garage so that long tables can be set up in our living room and dining room. Shopping and cooking and cleaning and setting the tables for this special night. Reading the Hagadah, telling stories and singing familiar songs. It is a special night. We also remember who is not at our table and we think of them. We also open the door for Elijah.

While we are preparing our home for the holiday, we are also working at TBS to get ready for our fourth annual second Seder. It is a massive task, but with so many wonderful volunteers, we will pull it off, just as we did in the past 3 years. I don’t think of it as hard work, I think of it as a mitzvah and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Happy Passover from my family to yours.

Sy Kaplan