We are here today to mourn the passing but also to honor the life of Edith Sokoloff, beloved mother and grandmother. Edith was 95 going on 96 and she lived a long full life. While we mourn her we also know that this was her time and that life wasn’t life anymore. So we focus today not on her death but her life.

Edith was born in Boston on July 13, 1916, so she was almost 96 years old. She was the daughter of Max and Adela. Edith was the oldest and then came Helen Dolly and Jack. We mourn today with her sister Dolly and remember the late William, we mourn with her brother Jack and his wife Bessie and we remember her sister Helen with respect today.

She graduated high school. She was working at a cosmetic store and a young man asked her to go get a chicken salad sandwich.

She and Nathan were married on Jan 1 1940

They were married for 45 years until he passed away much too soon.

They raised their two beloved sons Ronald and Richard

She was protective and caring.

She was behind you 100 percent but you had to do things the right way

She loved to serve liver

She would say: Wait till your father gets home

She loved the dogs

She worked at Glenwood when the family owned it and was the bookkeeper and made the Cole slaw

She served as a Commissioner of the Hamden Housing Authority for 17 years. People there loved her.

We mourn today with Ronald and Ann and Richard and Janet.

She was the proud grandmother of: David & Christine, Diane, Elaine & Kenneth, Mark & Sandy, and Lisa, of her 6 great-grandchildren and her nieces & nephews.

She was proud of her grandchildren and all of their accomplishments. Recently, David visited her 5-6 times a week at the nursing home and Diane would make Saturday night dinners.

She loved family events, such as Ron’s 70th birthday party in Madison.

Edith was an interesting person with her own personality.

No one could control her

She had her own mind

She was always very concerned about her appearance

If you were coming over, you had to give her an hour’s notice. She didn't want to wear hearing aids, which was an issue.

She loved to shop and she loved bargains

We can’t sum up nearly 96 years in a few minutes and a few words. But we can say that Edith lived a wonderful life, had a great marriage to her Nate, loved her children and grandchildren, lived to see great-grandchildren.

And we thank the family members who did so much to her not just out of loyalty and obligation as out of love. The greatest reward of her life was to have people care about her and for her.

She was a righteous woman. May she rest in peace. Let us say Amen