We're here today to mourn the passing of Francine Ross, beloved wife, sister, aunt, great-aunt and friend.  It is an honor to pay tribute to this fine woman today.
Fran was born in Hoboken and went to high school. Jack and Fran eloped and got married on June 30, 1936 and then got married again in a Jewish ceremony on December 20, 1936.  Depending on which wedding you count, they were married 65 or 66 years before Jack passed away recently. Again, their anniversary was just a couple of days ago, on June 30th.
Jack and Frannie lived on Malcolm Street for all those years and had a happy life together.  She worked as a bookkeeper in Jack’s pharmacy and they were always together. They had a series of Welsh corgies, the last of which was Duchess, who passed away shortly after they left the house. Fran was a wonderful lady. She loved chocolate candy.
There are many people who were very dear to Fran.  We want to make special mention of Fran's brother Ed who passed away recently, and Peggy and Fran's beloved niece Patricia and her husband K.J.  It’s remarkable that Fran passed away on Pat’s birthday. Zellie and the late Annette, the late Albert, his wife Shirley, nephews and nieces Mark and Nanci, Alana, K.C. and Karen, Michael and Bonita, Adele and Arthur, Marilyn and Bob, and great nephews and nieces Mitch and Heather, Barry and Dina, David and Shayna were all dear to her.  Larry, Daniel, Joel, and Tammy were close. Fran and Jack talked a lot about all of you, and those such as Pat and Mitch and friends like Barry Bailyn were especially appreciated for all their help in difficult circumstances. 
Fran and Jack were a devoted couple and we’ll remember them together.
We wish the family comfort and strength and we thank you for all of your attention and caring.
Fran Ross was a good and decent person.  May she rest in peace.